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  • What will the injection molding parameter affect t...

     We will go on to share the molding conditions which is affect the shrinkage of plastic product as below:   4. Injection speed. The injection speed has a little influence on the shrinkage of injection product,but is not entirely without leverage. For the thin wall  injection product

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  • What will the injection molding parameter affect t...

    Injection molding will have influence on the shrinkage of plastic, so what term will affect the injection molding parameter? It will make the shrinkage increase or decrease? Below we will analyse to you: 1.The temperature of gun barrel. The higher temperature of gun barrel, the better for injection

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  • The main reason for the crack of injection product...

    Injection product will crack in the injection molding, and cause the defective product.Especially in the trial mold process, the probability of crack is greater. So what cause the crack of injection product? 1.The design of mold structure is unreasonable. For example, the unreasonable design of eje

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  • The reasons of product distortion in the process o...

    The product distortion is the general problem in the injection process, so what will cause the distortion of product? 1.Product distortion after ejecting.Because the pressure of ejected product is uneven to cause the distortion. 2.Insufficient cooling. The design of cooling waterway is unreasonabl

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  • What should be noted before testing the mold?

    After completed,every injection mould will be taken to test, especially the TO trial die. It needs to inspect whether the depanning of mold, mold function,and mold fabricate is complete, whether the material level is all made. To inspect all above items, mold engineer should  have a good prepar

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  • How to improve the quality of injection products?

       The injection product quality is the problem that every factory have to consider.The quality of products not only can save production cost, but also can obtain the good reputation from clients, and get more orders. So what is relate to the injection product quality?    

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  • 8th ROSMOULD 2013

        Exhibition time: From June 18th, 2013 to June 20th, 2013 Exhibition address: CROCUS exhibition centre in Moscow Exhibition period: once a year   The national organization unit:Beijing Yabao international exhibition Co., Ltd.   Exhibition scope: 1. All kinds of mould a

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