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Knowledge about plastic packing container (2 of 2)
Upadta time:2013/11/16 10:45:03

 "05"-----PP (polypropylene)

Oven food container apply this kind material, which is 130℃ heat resistant, poor transparent and only plastic container that can be put into the oven and used in circular after careful cleaning. The points to be paid attention is that, for some oven container cases, the body made of PP, while cover made of PS, PS material is with good transparency, but poor heat resistancy, so can not be put into oven together. For case of safety, the cover should be removed before container put into oven.

"06"-----PS (polystyrene)
Used to manufacture instant noodles bowls, heat and cold resistant, but can not be put into oven to avoid released substance under excess temperature. And can not preserve strong acid or strong base substance, because it can release polystyrene harmful to human body. Therefore, it's better not package the hot food in the PS container.

"07"----PC and other categories
PC is a kind massive used material, and mainly used as feeding-bottles, space bottles etc. and is controversial contained with bisphenol A. As experts shown, in theory aspect, as long as bisphenol A is 100% transformed into plastic structure during PC processing progress, there's no bisphenol A and let alone releasing. While, if a little not transformed, then may release bisphenol A and enter food or drinks. Therefore, you should pay high attention during the usage.

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