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  • product model fabrication
  • Product design & development:according to the use and function of products to design the product structure
  • Mould design: We have a design team with more than 20 years experience, who well know HASCO、DME mould design standards. Guaranteed with the international advanced technology of synchronization. They are skillful in operating different kinds of design software.
  • Mould fabrication:(cold/hot runner mould, over mould, 2 colors injection mould, Rubber mould, Aluminum/zinc alloy die-casting mould) 80% of our workers have more than 10 years experience of mold fabrication.
  • Production:We have about 31sets of Japanese Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, JSM injection machines from 25T to 1300T. Our products monthly output is over seven millions pieces.
  • Products processing: surface processing, assembly and packaging

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