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Injection molding machine operation and maintenance procedures
Upadta time:2013/12/23 9:30:37

1.Safety should be paid attention during injection machine operation, please check machine safety device, security lifting rod and security door when operating. During the operation, do not put your hands into the clamping device. security door should be open when withdraw products, only the personal security confirm without foreign matter in the mold, the security door can be closed. Besides, do not put your hands in the space between nozzle and sprue during the machine running, and please shut off the oil pump motor when repair the mold.

2. During product molding, due to different material categories, molded product volume and shape difference, the clamping force needed will be different, please adjust the mold per actual lowest clamping force. In this way, electrical energy and be saved and service time will be obviously extended.

3. Hydraulic system pressure should be adjusted according to respective movement, overpressure is inappropriate, reasonable pressure is helpful to save energy and extend machine service life. And all limit switch locations should be adjusted according to molded product requirement, especially, the process from molding to pressure holding, otherwise it may lead to insufficient plastic filling or overhigh stress or trimming, and hard to open the mold.

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