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  • A supplier of injeciton mould in china

     Our factory is a supplier of injection molding in china.We can make more kinds of injeciton molds and meet the require of difficult customer.there have advantage in the quality and cost of injection mould. The injection mold be devided to two kind,one is  soft injection mold,other is die

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  • International electronic exhibition in St, Paulo

    The international consumer electronics exhibition in St, Paulo, Brazil was sponsored by the famous exhibition group- the Li Zhan expo group. As it is the unique electronics consumers professional exposition. Thus, it will hold with the Brazilian international images show at the same period. This yea

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  • The working principle and structure of injection m...

     The working principle of injection molding is the technic process that have the aid of screw thrust, plastify the plastic material and eject it into the closed mold cavity. After cooling and take out the plastic product. Injection molding manufacturing is a circulation process, each cycle star

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  • The reasons of product distortion in the process o...

     The product distortion is the general problem in the injection process, so what will cause the distortion of product? 1.Product distortion after ejecting.Because the pressure of ejected product is uneven to cause the distortion. 2.Insufficient cooling. The design of cooling waterway is unrea

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  • International AUTOEXPO in India

    India international AUTOEXPO is the biggest auto parts exhibition in India. It was co-organized by auto parts manufacturers, industry and commerce association and car manufacturers association of India. The exhibit has 26 years since the first session. It is hosting once every two years.Lots of exh

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  • How to solve the problem on deformation of injecti...

     We have analysed the deformation reasons of injection product before. We had found out the deformation reason, so what action should be taken to solve this problem?   1.product deformation is due to the insufficient cooling, we can add the water line and increase the waterway to im

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  • International auto parts and after-sales show in M...

       Moscow international auto parts and after-sales service and equipment exhibition MIMS, is the largest and most influential auto industry exhibition. It is the 17th session in 2013 and it has gained unanimously approved of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Asia and other p

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  • China Dongguan plastic mold industry norms

    China Guangzhou, Dongguan plastic mold industry development planning make a clearly defined direction for the next four years development. It includes the following four aspects:   First, focus on the development of industrial engineering. Focus on developing the automotive, appliance, electr

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  • How to solve the blinster problem in the process o...

       In injection moulding, injection product will has bllinster. And if the injection product is transparent, it will has severe influence on the quality of injection product. Why the injection product will has blinster? How to solve the blinster problem of injection product?    

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  • Electronics Show in South Korea

       It is the South Korea Electronics Show  that organized  in1969 by South Korea ecectronics industry resources organization and trade & investment and the institute of electronic components in South Korea. The exhibition held onec every year. It is a high professional exhibi

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