plastic injection moulding,injection mould,die casting mould|
  • Hot pot plastic case

    Hot pot plastic case

  • Hairdryer plastic case

    Hairdryer plastic case

  • Fried juice machine shell

    Fried juice machine shell

  • Electric Pot Case

    Electric Pot Case

  • Dispenser housing

    Dispenser housing

  • Clear plastic cups

    Clear plastic cups

  • CD Player Case

    CD Player Case

  • Appliance plastic shel

    Appliance plastic shel

  • Trash can

    Trash can

  • telephone


  • cleaner


  • Auto parts

    Auto parts

  • Auto parts

    Auto parts

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With more than 20 years industrial experience in the field of  injection mold and die casting mold, we can provide  the one-stop service including design and development, mold fabrication, production, products processing etc.


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