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How to Select an Excellent Mould Manufacturer
Upadta time:2012-8-6 20:53:26

China Dongguan city Changan Town was known as the town of mould, there are more than 3000 mould manufacturer now in China Dongguan city, the registered capital from tens of thousands to millions. China Dongguan city Changan Town has the mould maker manufacturer's employees from several to hundreds, the amount of the people who work in the field of mould and the related industries has reached nearly 50,000. China Donggaun City Changan Town is the name matches the reality of the mould township.

For customer, more mould manufacturer is good for them. However, it also cause the confusion about how to select a good manufacturer from these manufacturers. For example, as the different scale, the administrative cost of every factory is different accordingly. Therefore, even if the same mould, there will be different quotations in different factory. Sometimes the several times difference between the lowest and highest price is also usual. Because the profession’s intense competition, some manufacturers in order to grasp the customer often quote in accordance with the production cost price, but this kind of vicious competition is good looks for customer at the beginning, but from long-term development view, it is bad for both parties; Because it makes the factory has no profit, and the factory has to reduce the production cost. But to save the production cost is often started with reducing the quality of the mould, and it is the most worrisome thing for customer. As a mould buyer, how we can select a good manufacturer from China Dongguan City Changan Town mould manufacturers?

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