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China Plastic Mold Development Situation and Development Trend Analysis
Upadta time:2012-8-6 20:12:49
to support a variety of injection molds, extrusion dies for the building materials as well as supporting electronics industry supporting a variety of plastic molds. Exports of plastic products to mostly middle and low. As China plastic mold of lower prices have a stronger competitive edge in the international market, the prospects for further expansion of export is good. And the average annual growth of exports of more than 50 per cent in recent years is a good proof of this.

Although export growth of mold in recent years is higher than import growth, the increase in the absolute volume of imports is still larger than exports, resulting in mold foreign trade deficit increased year by year. This situation has improved in 2006, the deficit decreased slightly. The foreign trade deficit of mold increased mainly two reasons: Firstly, the sustained rapid development, especially the auto industry's rapid development has brought strong demand for molds, and imports some really high-end domestic production. And also import the domestic production. This is depending on China's current tariff policy and project approval system. Secondly, the encourage of mold export is not enough. Now, like mold and other electronic products, the export tax rebate rate of only 13%, while below the 17%.

From the market situation, plastic mold manufacturing enterprises should focus on the development of mold export with high-tech, large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life and vigorously to develop the international market. With China's plastics industry, in particular the rapid development of engineering plastics, it is foreseeable that China's pace of development of plastic mold tooling industry will continue to be higher than the overall growth rate in the next few years and the annual growth rate will remain around 20 percent level.

In recent years, the Hong Kong-owned, Taiwan-funded, foreign-funded enterprises in mainland China have developed rapidly, a large number of these enterprises in the plastic mold production for their own use without precise statistics, is not included in the above figures.

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