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China Plastic Mold Development Situation and Development Trend Analysis
Upadta time:2012-8-6 20:12:49

Overall, China's plastic mold both in quantity and in quality, technology and capabilities have been made great progress, but with the national economic development needs of the world's advanced levels, the gap is still significant. Some large, sophisticated, complex, long-life in the high-grade plastic mold still a large number of imports each year. In total supply, while some low-grade plastic mold is an oversupply, intense market competition, there are not too high technological content of the mid-range plastic molds have an oversupply trend.

Accession to the WTO has brought great challenges, and bring more opportunities to the plastic mold industry. As China-based plastic mold is low-grade products, product prices have obvious advantages, some even the prices of foreign products only 1 / 5 to 1 / 3. After joining the WTO, the impact of similar foreign products on the domestic small and middle and low mold China export volume is increasing. For high-precision molds, joined the WTO not only brought greater convenience to imports of sophisticated products, but also encourage more foreign investment to China built Plants, which bring in advanced foreign technology and management experience in mold. Professional training in China has played a role in promoting human mold.

2006, the total output value of China's plastic mold about 300 billion yuan, of which exports about 5.8 billion yuan. According to customs statistics, China imported a total of 2006 plastic molds for about 1 billion U.S. dollars, about 8.3 billion yuan. It follows that, in addition to production for own consumption, the market in 2006, China plastic mold is about 31.3 billion yuan of total demand, supply of domestic mold is total about 230 billion yuan in the market to meet the rate of 73.5%. Imports of plastic mold, is the largest automobile supporting various decorative mold, supporting a variety of molded case for the home appliance mold, communications and office equipment

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