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2012 Brazail International Mould Exhibition
Upadta time:2012-8-6 18:27:48

The predecessor of Euromold Brasil is INTERTOOLING BRASIL, which started by Brasil exhibition company in 2005. The exhibition held every two years, up to now it has been hosted successfully three times. From 2012, Intertooling Company will cooperate with Euromold in South America mainland, and launch anew the Brazilian international mould and technology exhibition the EuroMold Brasil.

European (Frankfurt) mould exhibition held by DEMAT company in Frankfurt international exhibition centre, and will take place in Frankfurt International Exhibition Center. It has been 18 years of history, which is now the world's largest, most authoritative mould exhibition, and it is only open for the professional audience.  

In 2010, there are 1384 exhibitors from 38 countries, and 55301 professional audiences from 86 countries to visit the exhibition. There are 40.9% International exhibitors (22633) in the exhibition and the exhibition area of 65000 square meters. In addition to Brazil mould exhibition which will cooperate with the DEMAT, DEMAT exhibition company has already successfully integrated many mould exhibitions, including America mould exhibition, Russia mould exhibition, South Africa die exhibition, India and Guangzhou die mould exhibition. And to add the European mould exhibition, it has laid the global mould exhibition network. And the Brazil plastic exhibition will be held at the same period. The Brazil plastic exhibition started in 2000 and held every two years. In 2010, there are total 19 countries that are from global and Brazilian domestic 22 provinces of 25000 professional visitors come to visit, the exhibition area more than 10000 square meters. As cooperate with the Euromold, we believe that the 2012 Brazilian mould exhibition will has more international influenceDisplay scope: Stamping mould, plastic mould, die casting mould, forge mould and mould products, all kinds of mould standard parts; All kinds of Metal-cutting lathes for mould processing , such as CNC, NC milling machine, boring machine, lathe, drilling machine etc.; All kinds of electric processing machine, laser processing equipment, carving machine; The molding equipment, such as die-casting machine, punching machine and all kinds of pressure machine tool for molding etc.; Plastic and rubber machine ; Three coordinate measuring machine and other measuring equipment; The moulds software, such as Mould CAD, CAM, CAE etc; CAPPPDMERP and other production management technology; Mould material, metallurgical products; Tools, cutting tools, as well as the other products that related to mould; All kinds of complementary materials for mold production, auxiliary equipment, including polishing,  grinding and assembling fixture etc.

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