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Relevant knowledge of electrical sparkle machining for injection mould
Upadta time:2012-12-5 23:39:11
Electrical sparkle machining is a is very important one annulus of injection mould processing technology. Because of the limitation of numbering control machining tool, a lot of material level and shut-off part of injection mould all need to complete by the electric spark machining, electrical sparkle machining  is completely different from the other processing principle of injection mould.The principle of electrical sparkle is through electrode discharge to injection mold workpiece and produce high temperature, thus melted steel material to achieve the shape we want. Below are some features of electric spark machining:
1.No need to do any metal cutting movement. Without any mechanical force.
2.Electric discharge machining is the same as the CNC machining, it can realize automatic processing and save manpower. And after its processing, the surface roughness of workpiece can reach 1.25 um, it can be used in the injection assembly after slightly finishing.
3.Electric spark machining can process most parts that CNC machining and mechanical machining cannot process. Such as processing holes, narrow groove and all kinds of complicated hole and cavity.
4.The processing speed of electric spark machining is lower than mechanical machining, processing cost is also higher. But the machining precision is higher than numerical control processing.
5. Electric spark machining need to complete with the aid of electrode. Therefore, before the electric spark machining, we must ready the electrode firstly.
Above are some processing technic features of electrical discharge machining for injection mold, and now most of the injection mould in the machining process are need to use electric spark machining.

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