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About the repair pinciple of completed injection mould
Upadta time:2012-12-2 22:43:41
    Due to injection mold types are more, there are many items should be pay attention to in the process of mould design. After completing the Injection mould, it still need to be repaired. Below five points are the basic pinciples of repairing the injection mould: 
    (1) Repair the draft. In principle cavity should make sure the big size in tolerance range of product size. Mold core should make sure the small size in the tolerance range of product size.
    (2) The corner radius. Cavity should be larger, the mold core should be smaller.
    (3) When the injection mould modify both horizontal parting surface and vertical parting surface, it should leave room. The size of gaps depend on the size of mold, small mold just need to be painted red and touch each other. Big mould need to leave about 0.02mm gaps.
   (4) for oblique plane compound die, when oblique plane closed joint mould,parting surface should be left in 0.02-0.03 mm gaps.
   (5) repair surface arc and line connection need to smooth, the surface does not allow to have the dent. Filing grain should be corresponded with the direction of open mould.

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