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What cause the runner sticky mold in the process of injection molding?
Upadta time:2012-11-29 21:57:48
There is runner sticky mold in the process of injection moulding for injection mold. The runner sticky mold will make the injection machining slowly and cannot operate mass production. What cause the runner sticky mold?
1. the polish of main runner is not enough and lead to difficulty for runner demold. The solution is to strengthen the polish of main runner.
2. Cooling time is too short. Main runner is not cooling completely. The solution is to strengthen the cooling of runner or extend the cooling time.
3. The depanning angle of main runner is not large enough and lead to the runner sticky mold.The solution is to increase the depanning angle of main runner.
4. When the runner is entry into water for cavity insert,it need to add the runner puller pin for core insert to help the runner demold.
Above are the situations and solutions for main runner sticky mold. In the process of injection, we need to formulate the modify mold scheme according the practical situation.

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