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What will the injection molding parameter affect the shrinkage of plastic (Two)
Upadta time:2012-11-26 21:29:48

 We will go on to share the molding conditions which is affect the shrinkage of plastic product as below:

4. Injection speed. The injection speed has a little influence on the shrinkage of injection product,but is not entirely without leverage. For the thin wall  injection product, pick up the injection speed can decrease the shrinkage of injection product.
5. Mold temperature. Mold temperature has great influence on the shrinkage of injection molding, and we can just adjust gradually to find a mold temperature 
to decrease the product shrinkage. Mold temperature mainly to be controlled by the cooling water or oil temperature.
6.The circle of injection molding. The circle of injection molding has no direct connection to the shrinkage. But if decreasing the circle of injection molding, the mold temperature, injection pressure, injection speed and dwell time all need to change accordingly. The change of these factors will have influence on the shrinkage of injection product.Therefore, when we test the mold, we should determine the circle of injection molding according to the required yield of injection mold.
Above six poins are the molding conditions which affect the shrinkage of injection product. When there is severe shrink of injection product, we can adjust the above parameter to improve the shrinkage problem.

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