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How to choose a proper material for injection product?
Upadta time:2012-11-24 0:18:02
The category of the material of injection product is various, for example the hard rubber has PP,ABS,PC,PA6, and soft lining has TPE material etc.So we how to choose a proper material for injection product?
1.According to the needed product performance requirement to determine. For example, the mechanical property such as intensity, rigidity,toughness and elasticity,bending property,impact property and the sensitivity of counter stress.
2.Physical property requested by injection product,for example adaptability for the change of environment temperature, optical characteristics, thermal insulation or electric insulation degree,finish machining and apparent perfect degree etc.
3.According to the chemical properties of injection product, for example the endurance of contactant,sanitation degree and use security etc.
4.According to the precision requested by the injection product size, for example the size of shrinkage and shrinkage difference in each direction.
5.Molding manufacturability requirement of injection product, for example the flowability of plastic,crystallinity, heat sensitivity, etc.
The selected plastic material need to meet the above five basic requirements, otherwise will lead to a lot of rejected products.The artical is from injection moulding
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