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The main reason for the crack of injection products
Upadta time:2012-11-22 1:19:29

Injection product will crack in the injection molding, and cause the defective product.Especially in the trial mold process, the probability of crack is greater. So what cause the crack of injection product?

1.The design of mold structure is unreasonable. For example, the unreasonable design of ejection system will cause some area of injection product stress a
lot and be ejected out.

2. The draft angle of injection product is not enough, for example the rib of injection product is too deep,but the draft angle just more than 0.5,it will
make the holding force of product too large and cause the product cracking.

3.The material level of injection product is too thin, then it can not bear the product ejected force and crack.

4. Parameter of injection molding is unreasonable, and the injection stress is too large, fill speed is too fast, dwell time is too long and these reasons will cause the crack of plastic product.

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