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How to improve the quality of injection products?
Upadta time:2012-11-15 21:38:52

   The injection product quality is the problem that every factory have to consider.The quality of products not only can save production cost, but also can obtain the good reputation from clients, and get more orders. So what is relate to the injection product quality?

    The first: mold quality, injection mold quality and the product quality is proportional.The better and the more stable of mold, thus the better quality of product.

    The second: injection machine. The stability of injection machine is also very important, unstable injection machine will cause a lot of unqualified products.

   The third: injection staff. The operability of injection staff should according to the certain standard, to ensure that the product would not be broken by humans after completing injection.

  The fourth: quality detection. Only the strict quality testing can make the product quality get promoted.

   As long as we complete above aspects, we will be able to improve the product quality gradually.the artical is from injection moulding

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